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Feb 1 - How To Ace Any Interview!

How To Ace Any Interview” is a boon for thousands of job seekers for whom attending a job interview is a nightmare. This 82-page eBook has several tips that can help the most nervous job seekers to gain confidence.

The tips are on everything regarding attending a job interview, right from preparation to follow up, and putting them into practice will definitely fetch the job of your dreams.

Feb 2 - Maximizing the Performance Of Your Ipod!

Maximizing The Performance Of Your iPod” is the best book for iPod lovers. With this excellent 68-page eBook, new users of iPods no longer need to feel confused, and expert users can get extra tips.

Your iPod can be a source of limitless fun, provided you know how to use it. This eBook contains excellent tips on how to get the best out of your iPod and is definitely a must for every iPod user.

Feb 3 - How To Achieve a Better Credit Score!

Your credit score is important, and a poor credit score can even cost you the job of your dreams since many employers now take a potential employee’s credit score into serious consideration. But how can you achieve and maintain a healthy credit score? The 96-page eBook “How To Achieve A Better Score” will give you easy-to-follow tips to better your credit scores and your chances of success.

Feb 4 - Family Budget… Demystified!

The issue of family budget can be a confusing one, especially owing to the soaring cost of living that now poses a challenge to families all over the world. The eBook “Family Budget … Demystified!” is the answer to your prayer. Each of its 84 pages presents excellent tips on how each family member can help cut costs and live within the budget. You can soon put aside your financial worries.

Feb 5 - Single Parenting - Becoming the Best Parent For Your Child!

Parenting is a challenging task. As a single parent, how can you juggle work, parenting, and possibly college studies single-handedly and still manage to be an ideal parent for your child? Read the 65-page eBook “Single Parenting … Becoming The Best Parent For Your Child” to find out how. Loaded with tips, it can inspire, empower, and instruct you to successfully face the challenges of parenthood.

Feb 6 - How To Get The Most Out Of Your Timeshares!

Timeshares are a great way not only to vacation, but also to earn a tidy profit. You can learn everything about timeshares from this amazing eBook, “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Timeshares.” This 113-page eBook helps you derive maximum benefits from your timeshares by presenting numerous valuable tips on purchasing and selling timeshares and also on selecting the most exciting vacation spots.

Feb 7 - How To Become A Gambling Pro!

Are you tired of losing at the gambling tables? Are you close to quitting? Before giving up in despair, take some time to read “How To Become A Gambling Pro,” an excellent 72-page eBook about gambling. This book is capable of transforming you into a winner at the casino. These simple, but effective tips will definitely make you a gambling professional, and losing will soon be a thing of the past.

Feb 8 - How To Kick Bad Habits Out Of Your Life!

Overcoming bad habits is extremely difficult. Besides, they prevent you from achieving success in life, both at the personal and professional level. Read this short, but powerful eBook “How To Kick Bad Habits Out Of Your Life” to learn why it is essential to chuck bad habits out of your life. Its 42 pages comprise a number of simple, but highly effective tips on getting rid of bad habits.

Feb 9 - How To Attract Anything You Want In Life!

If you are of the opinion that it is impossible to get what you want in life, and that it all depends on fate, the eBook “How To Attract Anything You Want In Life” can change your mind completely. This powerful, 70-page book tells you exactly how to get whatever you want in life. With its highly effective tips, guaranteed to bring you success, this book can really change your life for the better.

Feb 10 - How To Develop Your Power Of Concentration!

To succeed at anything, you require a sharp focus, and this is true for people from all walks of life, such as students, homemakers, businessmen, professionals, and so on. The eBook “How To Develop Your Power Of Concentration” addresses the problem of poor concentration that we all face. In 38 powerful pages, it teaches you how to develop a sharper focus and achieve success in all areas of life.

Feb 11 - How To Be The Creator Of Your Own Life!

How To Be The Creator Of Your Own Life” is the best book for those who feel that humanity is just a ball in the hands of fate. Its powerful 48 pages teach you how to create your own life, to be what you want to be, to achieve what you want to achieve, and in short, to live a fulfilling life. The number one tips within it tell you how to get whatever you want from life, from jobs to relationships.

Feb 12 - How To Boost Your Memory Power!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to remember things such as telephone numbers, the items on the grocery list, the facts that you soak in during lecture hours, or the names of your employees? Irrespective of who or what you are, you require an excellent memory, and the good news is that it is within your power to improve your memory. Read the 75-page eBook “How To Boost Your Memory Power” to find out how.

Feb 13 - How To Overcome Procrastination!

One of the keys to success is to avoid procrastination, but that is easier said than done. With the help of the 60-page eBook “How To Overcome Procrastination,” you can easily get rid of your bad habit of procrastination. The simple, useful tips within the pages of this eBook will definitely help you achieve the success that has been eluding you so far owing to your habit of procrastination.

Feb 14 - How To Become A Highly Effective Time Manager!

The skill of time management is so essential for success that everybody, right from a stay-at-home Mom to a business executive, must develop it. If you wish to be an achiever, the eBook “How To Become A Highly Effective Time Manager” is a must read for you. Its 62 powerful pages teach you how you to manage time effectively and thereby achieve your goals at home, school, college, or workplace.

Feb 15 - How To Win Your War Against Acne!

Acne is one of the biggest killers of self-esteem. It destroys not only looks, but also your self-confidence. However, eliminating acne is an achievable goal, and you can easily do it with the help of the eBook “How To Win Your War Against Acne.” Its 115 pages are full of tips on battling acne and getting rid of it for life. This book will surely help you achieve that lovely, flawless complexion.

Feb 16 - Understanding and Treating AdHd!

Understanding And Treating ADHD” is a highly informative eBook for sufferers of ADHD and also for those who have friends or family members suffering from this disorder. Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, this 76-page eBook explains the symptoms and treatment of ADHD. It greatly enhances your understanding of ADHD and teaches you how to identify symptoms and care for those with ADHD.

Feb 17 - Understanding and Treating Bipolar Disorders!

Understanding And Treating Bipolar Disorder,” a 97-page eBook that provides comprehensive information about this disorder, is a must read for everybody who wishes to enhance their knowledge about it. Revealing little-known facts, it offers an insight into the disorder. It explains in simple, layperson’s terms the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder and outlines various ways of managing it.

Feb 18 - Ultimate Body Building and Fitness!

Are you tired of being ridiculed just because you are puny? If you would like to change this forever, read the 85-page eBook “Ultimate Body Building And Fitness” for the solution to your problem. In this powerful book, you will discover the golden key to achieving that wonderful muscular and fit body you have always longed for. Using these tips, you will be transformed into “somebody” in no time.

Feb 19 - Complete Body Fitness

Fitness is the solution to the problem of “feeling awful” most of the time. A good fitness regime can relax and rejuvenate you. How can you be fit? The 111-page eBook “Complete Body Fitness” will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about body fitness. In simple, easy-to-follow language, it presents awesome, valuable tips that can help you achieve 100 percent health and fitness.

Feb 20 - How To Lose Weight… with The Right Food!

Food is the major problem of the overweight. If you are the type that indulges in emotional eating and shifting from one fad diet to the other in a desperate bid to lose weight, the 112-page eBook “How To Lose Weight … With The Right Food” is the best book for you. As this book tells you, you don’t need to starve; you only need to eat right. And to learn what and how to eat, read this eBook.

Feb 21 - How To Win Your War Against Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders!

If you don’t remember the last time you had a really good night’s sleep, you are most probably suffering from a sleep disorder, and the eBook “How To Win Your War Against Insomnia And Other Sleep Disorders” is a must read for you. In its 110 pages, it explains clearly how to get rid of insomnia and other sleep disorders. There is no medical jargon to confuse you, just tips on how to sleep well.

Feb 22 - Diet and Weight Loss

Diet And Weight Loss” comprises 115 pages of excellent dietary tips, which makes it the best book for those who want to lose weight. This informative eBook teaches you everything you need to know about diet and its relationship to weight loss. You only have to follow these simple tips, and you will soon be able eat the right food, lose unwanted fat, and fit into that attractive pair of jeans.

Feb 23 - The Advantages Of Being A Vegetarian!

Have you ever considered turning vegetarian? The eBook “The Advantages Of Being A Vegetarian” presents the unlimited benefits of vegetarianism. From this book, you will learn that turning vegetarian is the healthiest option available at present. The eBook, which examines all aspects of vegetarianism, also present some delightful vegetarian recipes and useful tips in each of its 108 pages.

Feb 24 - How To Maximize The Power Of Yoga!

Yoga is now rapidly rising in popularity for several good reasons. To learn more about Yoga, read the 106-page eBook “How To Maximize The Power Of Yoga.” The book also teaches you how to derive the maximum benefits from the practice of Yoga. With the help of this eBook, which explains confusing concepts in a simple manner, you will soon be able to achieve the holistic health that yoga promises.

Feb 25 - How To Create Great Gift Baskets!

Gift baskets are the best gifts for a wide range of occasions, from baby showers to wedding receptions. Creating that fantastic gift basket, however, requires a bit of artistic ability. For great tips and ideas, turn to the eBook “How To Create Great Gift Baskets.” In the shortest possible time, this excellent 28-page eBook will teach you how to create that perfect and charming gift basket.

Feb 26 - How To Become A Bass Fishing Pro!

How To Become A Bass Fishing Pro” is the best eBook for fishing enthusiasts who have been disappointed with their poor luck. This 135-page eBook is full of fishing tips, written with the purpose of helping you sharpen your fishing techniques. Written in a simple, flowing style, this book reveals things you never knew about bass fishing and is capable of making a professional out of a poor fisher.

Feb 27 - How To Become A Bee-Keeping Pro!

Bee keeping is an exciting job, given that you know your bees well. The 59-page eBook, “How To Become A Bee Keeping Pro” will teach you everything you need to know about bees and bee keeping, right from the nature of your queen bee to the intricate details of marketing the honey that you produce. The book is written with the purpose of helping you become a successful and professional bee keeper.

Feb 28 - How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

Boating enthusiasts will love this excellent eBook, “How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience.” In its 83 pages, it presents excellent tips on everything about boating, such as boat models, boating techniques, boat purchase, boat storage, and places that offer world class boating facilities. This book can certainly empower you to arrange that perfect boating trip for yourself and your family.

Feb 29 - Understanding and Mastering the Art Of Coin Collecting!

Understanding And Mastering The Art Of Coin Collecting” is full of tips not only for coin collector, but also for those who wish to develop this exciting hobby. The eBook’s 50 pages reveal everything about coin collection and contain valuable tips on how to collect, store, exchange, purchase, value, and sell your precious coins. Read this eBook to derive the maximum benefits from your hobby.

Feb 30 - Understanding the Basics Of Film Making!

Do you aspire to become a film maker? The eBook “Understanding The Basics Of Film Making” can guide you to create your first film, an achievement that you will surely cherish throughout your life. This 78-page book can teach you the ABCs of the great art of film making in simple, non technical terms. Reading this wonderful eBook could very well be the first step to a successful career.

Feb 31 - How To Become A Fly Fishing Pro

How To Become A Fly Fishing Pro,” a 93-page eBook, outlines a variety of tips to better your fly fishing technique, a fact that makes it a great book to add to your library. The book reveals secrets on how to achieve success at your fly fishing activities. The contents are presented in a simple, well-organized manner, with the special purpose of making an expert fly fisher out of you in no time.

Feb 32 - How To Uncover Your Genealogy!

More people are showing an interest in learning about their genealogy. No doubt, one’s ancestral history can be intriguing and can reveal a lot of valuable information about oneself. But how do you go about it? The eBook “How To Uncover Your Genealogy” offers a load of valuable, useful tips. With the help of this 81-page eBook, you can easily uncover your roots and learn more about yourself.

Feb 33 - How To Make Your Own Spooky Halloween Crafts!

Have a spookier, scarier Halloween this year!! And you don’t have to spend more either. A few handmade items can enhance the spooky, scary atmosphere of your otherwise comfortable, ordinary home. The eBook “How To Make Your Own Spooky Halloween Crafts,” teaches you how to make terrifying ghosts, bats, masks, and weird edibles. The book’s simple language can be understood even by young children.

Feb 34 - How To Play and Enjoy Hunting Video Games!

You can easily enjoy virtual hunting via hunting video games, even if you are unable to attend a real hunting trip or expedition. Playing hunting video games can even enhance your hunting skills. To get started, read the 66-page eBook “How To Play And Enjoy Hunting Video Games.” It offers a load of great tips on how to find, obtain, play, and enjoy a wide variety of exciting hunting video games.

Feb 35 - How To Become An Expert At Sudoku

Sudoku is an exciting brain teaser, which can easily become a frustrating experience if you don’t achieve much success with it. Before you actually give up on it, probe into some excellent Sudoku secrets as revealed in the 77-page eBook, “How To Become An Expert At Sudoku.” A goldmine of excellent Sudoku tips, hints, and techniques, this book is capable of making you a winner in no time.

Feb 36 - Fun with Telescopes!

The beauty and glory of the world is best seen through a telescope. However, you require guidance to derive the maximum fun and benefit from your telescope. This guidance can be easily obtained in the 84-page eBook, “Fun With Telescopes.” Beautifully written and well organized with valuable telescope tips, this book can definitely deliver what its title promises - loads of fun with your telescope.

Feb 37 - How To Win Your War Against Bed Bugs!

Bed bugs can create a literal hell; therefore, eliminating them from all places of human habitation, such as hotels and homes, is an absolute must. If you know nothing about bed bug elimination, but are bothered by these pests, reading the eBook “How To Win Your War Against Bed Bugs” is mandatory. This 69-page eBook teaches you how to identify and eliminate bed bugs from your comfortable home.

Feb 38 - How To Decorate Your House Like A Pro!

Home decoration is an exciting task, but not without challenges. The eBook, “How To Decorate Your House Like A Pro,” is a mine of home decoration tips for those who would like to do it themselves and yet achieve a professional result. Digest the tips provided throughout this 60-page eBook and decorate your home like a professional. The book sure makes exciting reading for all home owners.

Feb 39 - Home Security Made Easy!

The eBook, “Home Security Made Easy,” is full of security tips for home owners who want to enhance the safety and security of their houses, but are confused with the mind boggling array of security gadgets and their technology. In simple, non technical terms, this 104-page book, a must read, tells you exactly what you must do to make your home safe and secure for the members of your family.

Feb 40 - How To Win Your War Against Termites!

Termites create great damage to your home, which is why you should identify and eliminate them as quickly as they appear. The 79-page eBook “How To Win Your War Against Termites” teaches you how to solve your termite problem once and for all. Learn how to identify termites, find out if your house is really infested, and eradicate them. The book is simple, well-organized, and easy to understand.

Feb 41 - How To Have a Roaringly Successful Baby Shower!

A baby shower is an exciting occasion for an expecting Mom; but like any other event, it requires a lot of planning and organization. The 117-page eBook, “How To Have A Roaringly Successful Baby Shower,” offers a great deal of useful tips on how to plan, organize, and arrange your baby shower. Also included within its exciting pages are several great ideas for baby shower games to delight guests.

Feb 42 - Adoption Made Easy

Childless couples no longer need to despair about all the legalities that adoption entails. The 76-page eBook, “Adoption Made Easy,” explains all the adoption laws in a simple, well-organized manner. Several valuable tips on how to adopt a child either in your own home country or from a foreign land form the contents of this book, which is written just to help you bring home your new child.

Feb 43 - All About Baby Boomers

The baby boomer generation, which has made a great impact on the nation, is one of the most enterprising America has ever seen. However, the baby boomers are now in their old age and close to bidding good-bye to this world. To know more about the effects of this on American society and economy and also to learn some interesting baby boomer facts, read the 97-page eBook, “All About Baby Boomers.”

Feb 44 - Parental Control - How To Check Your Kids!

Parenting need not be a trying task; in fact, it is meant to be a joy. But how do you control your kids without hurting them or making them feel suppressed? The powerful 40 pages of the eBook, “Parental Control – How To Check Your Kids,” reveals effective parenting technique that will not only enhance your understanding of your children, but will also better your relationships with them.

Feb 45 - Dog Diet - The Right Food For Your Dog

Not all diets are the best for your pet pooch. To learn what types of food are the most suitable for your dog, read the eBook, “Dog Diet – The Right Food For Your Dog.” In simple terms, this 86-page eBook explains your dog’s nutritional needs and how you can satisfy them. The book is, undoubtedly, a must read for all dog owners who are concerned about the health and well being of their dogs.

Feb 46 - How To Sell Real Estate For Profits

Real estate can fetch you a thumping profit. To find out exactly how, read the 50-page eBook, “How To Sell Real Estate For Profits.” Simple, well organized, and written in language that is easy to understand, this amazing eBook can teach even beginners how to convert a real estate business into a profitable gold mine. If you practice these simple tips, you can earn your fortune in no time.

Feb 47 - How To Date The Hottest Women… Online and Offline!

The world is full of hot, attractive women, but only a few men get to date them. How do you become one of them? The 96-page eBook “How To Date The Hottest Women … Online and Offline” reveals the secrets of men who achieve a lot of success with attractive women. Simultaneously, it also teaches you how to develop the skills required for successful dating and to find the lovely woman of your dreams.

Feb 48 - How To Manage Life Before and After Divorce!

Divorce is a harrowing experience that can shatter your mental, emotional, and even physical health. The eBook, “How To Manage Life Before And After Divorce,” can empower you enough to survive divorce. The 103 pages of this useful book is loaded with tips that teach you things you must know before suing for divorce, how to cope with life as a single, and how to manage its effects on your children.

Feb 49 - Wedding Budget Made Easy!

Your wedding is the most exciting day of your life; but sticking to a wedding budget is not that easy. Far easier is spending more than you planned to. Take the guidance of the eBook “Wedding Budget Made Easy.” In 106 pages written in a simple, interesting manner, this book teaches couples how to create and stick to a wedding budget, and thereby enjoy an immensely successful wedding day.

Feb 50 - Wedding Etiquette Made Easy!

A wedding means joy and celebration; but, this doesn’t mean that the people at a wedding can behave as they like. The 93-page eBook “Wedding Etiquette Made Easy” sets down in simple terms how each and every person at a wedding, such as the bride and bride groom; parents, step parents, and in-laws; wedding guests; and children ought to behave during the wedding ceremony and reception party.

Feb 51 - Retirement Planning For The Golden Years

A financially comfortable retired life is an achievable goal. All that it requires is a little bit of planning. With the help of the 71-page eBook, “Retirement Planning For The Golden Years,” you can easily create a golden retired life for yourself. In simple, easy-to-understand language, this well-organized eBook tells you everything you need to do in order to have a secure retired life.

Feb 52 - Golf For Seniors

Golf is a great game for everybody, including senior citizens. The eBook, “Golf For Seniors,” especially written for senior citizens who wish to sharpen their golfing techniques, can never fail to delight senior golfers. Loaded with simple tips to enhance your understanding of this game and your chances of success, this book can surely help any senior citizen become a better golfer in no time.

Feb 53 - How To Have An Unforgettable Cruising Vacation!

Who doesn’t dream of experiencing the ultimate cruise vacation? To plan such a vacation, however, you need a few handy tips, which the 80-page eBook, “How To Have An Unforgettable Cruise Vacation” is full of. Packed with hot tips about exciting cruising hot spots, this excellent book teaches you how to plan the ultimate cruising trip so that you and your family can have a great vacation.

Feb 54 - Perfumes: Understanding - Buying and Making Perfumes!

Perfumes never fail to allure us. If you love them so much, you can make them at home! To find out how, read the excellent eBook on perfumes, “Perfumes! Understanding, Buying, And Making Perfumes.” In 91 pages, it tells you everything you need to know about perfumes and includes great tips on various brands of perfumes, how to purchase them, and even how to make your own perfume at home.

Feb 55 - Lean Manufacturing Principles Made Easy!

Have you ever felt confused by the principles of lean manufacturing? Lean manufacturing is a simple technique by which the world’s top companies reduce waste and focus on maximum production. The 90-page eBook, “Lean Manufacturing Made Easy,” explains these important principles in a simple, easy-to-understand way, owing to which it makes great reading for business students as well as entrepreneurs.

Feb 56 - Backyard Ideas For Fun and Frolic!

Keeping children amused is child’s play, given that you have read the eBook “Backyard Ideas For Fun And Frolic.” As its name suggests, this eBook comprises 40 pages of great ideas and tips on how to convert your backyard into a place of great fun and joy. These ideas are simple, cost effective, practical, and guarantee unlimited amusement not only for children, but also for the entire family.

Feb 57 - How To Take Care Of Your Dog's Health

Your dog’s health is just as important as your own. By taking a few simple precautions, you can easily see that your dog remains in a fit and healthy condition. The 80-page eBook, “How To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Health,” explains all possible dog health issues is a clear, explicit manner. These simple tips can certainly help you take care of your pet so that he or she remains healthy and happy.

Feb 58 - Health Insurance and Health Savings Account Made Easy!

Setting aside some money and being financially prepared in case of future medical disorders has its rewards. You don’t have to make extra efforts to understand health savings account and health insurance. The 39-page eBook, “Health Insurance And Health Savings Account Made Easy,” explains everything you need to know simply and explicitly. This book is a must read for health-conscious people.

Feb 59 - Candle Making Made Easy

Making candles is easy and interesting, even for a first timer. So, if you have decided to make some scented candles as a gift for somebody you love, the 59-page eBook, “Candle Making Made Easy,” is the right book for you. It analyses the art of candle making in simple and easy-to-understand language. Following its simple tips, you can easily make some beautiful candles, for pleasure or profit.

Feb 60 - Buying and Maintaining A Car Made Easy!

Purchasing and maintaining a car is quite a formidable task. But, the 73-page eBook “Buying And Maintaining A Car Made Easy” makes everything simple for you. The book is full of simple, practical, and valuable tips, written in an interesting, easy-to-follow style. Every aspect of car owning, from the initial purchase to the tiniest details regarding maintenance, is explored in this useful book.

Feb 61 - Auto Sound Systems Made Easy!

Do auto sounds systems confuse you? Would you like to set up an excellent sound system for your own car, but don’t know how to go about it? Read the 44-page eBook, “Auto Sound Systems Made Easy,” to find out everything that you need to know about auto sound systems. The book outlines some simple tips, with the help of which you can easily, in no time, set up a superb sound system for your car.

Feb 62 - Remote Control Cars Inside Out!

Remote control cars is undoubtedly a great hobby, which can leave you fascinated for hours. Do you need some hot tips to get you started with it? The eBook, “Remote Control Cars Inside Out,” tells you amazing facts about remote control cars. Intricate, confusing details are made incredibly simple in this 106-page eBook, which also contains exciting tips on how to build your own remote control car!

Feb 63 - How To Take Care Of Your Baby's Health

Your little bundle of joy can be susceptible to a number of children’s disorders. But, with the eBook “How To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Health,” you can actually relax. This 64-page eBook presents a load of tips on how to keep your baby healthy and happy. In simple, language, this book teaches you how to identify signs and symptoms of various childhood ailments and to treat them successfully.

Feb 64 - Understanding Day Care Inside Out!

Are you a stay-at-home Mom who wants to delve into the world of day care? Do you want an excellent day care facility for your child? Would you like to start a day care center? To know everything you need to know about day care, explore the excellent 66-page eBook, “Understanding Day care Inside Out.” The tips presented here are great not only for Moms, but for anybody who wants to get into day care.

Feb 65 - How To Successfully Home School Your Child

The concept of home schooling is rapidly rising in popularity. If you have decided to go with the flow and home school your child, the eBook, “How To Successfully Home School Your Child,” can turn out to be your greatest guide. Several home schooling facts that you must know are presented here, in addition to a number of tips on how to educate your kids successfully in the warm comforts of home.

Feb 66 - Understanding Scholarships

You don’t have to worry about raising funds for your college education. A scholarship can comfortably see you through. The eBook, “Understanding Scholarships,” is a must read for ambitious students who wish to become great achievers. Everything you need to know about scholarships, including tips on how to obtain one easily, is presented in a simple, well-organized manner in this 40-page eBook.

Feb 67 - How To Successfully Plan and Organize An Event!

Planning and organizing events can be absurdly simple. To make a roaring success of any event, you only have to follow a few simple tips, easily available in the eBook, “How To Successfully Plan And Organize An Event.” Written in a simple, flowing style, this easy-to-understand eBook with 80 pages can make a professional event planner out of the most muddled individual within a short time.

Feb 68 - How To Lower Your Cholesterol

Excessive cholesterol is a killer, and anybody can fall a victim to it. The eBook, “How To Lower Your Cholesterol,” debunks certain popular cholesterol myths and simultaneously teaches you all that you need to know about the dangers of high cholesterol. The simple tips presented in this 85-page book can help you easily to keep your cholesterol level under control and enjoy the best of health.

Feb 69 - How To Win Your War Against Stress!

Stress can have an adverse effect on all aspects of your life, such as career, family, and relationships. To achieve success, you must battle stress, and the eBook “How To Win Your War Against Stress,” is designed to help you relax. Each of its 90 pages is rich with tips and excellent relaxation techniques that can definitely help you remain calm and poised in the most trying of situations.

Feb 70 - Body Detox Made Easy!

Health conscious people welcome the concept of body detoxification, a process that can solve several health related problems and make you feel younger, healthier, and happier. To learn more about this amazing process, read the eBook, “Body Detox Made Easy,” where everything you need to know about body detoxification is beautifully explained. Each of its 70 pages offers guidance to better health.

Feb 71 - Understanding and Treating Baby Colic

The most distressing experience any Mom can have is that of trying to calm down a baby who is screaming with pain and distress. The culprit, of course, is baby colic. The 48-page eBook, “Understanding And Treating Body Colic,” tells you exactly how you can help your distressed infant. Utterly free of confusing medical lingo, this book teaches you how to successfully identify and treat baby colic.

Feb 72 - Gardening Made Easy!

“Gardening Made Easy,” is a must read for all amateur gardeners. As its name suggests, this excellent, 110-page gardening eBook offers several valuable tips and techniques that can definitely help you create the charming garden of your dreams. The style of the book is simple, flowing, and well-organized, a fact that makes it an interesting read for any person who loves plants and gardening.

Feb 73 - Quit Smoking Today!

Are you one of those incorrigible smokers who have made several unsuccessful attempts to chuck that bad habit of smoking? If you are, “Quit Smoking Today” is the best eBook for you. In its 37 pages, this powerful book presents enough tips to help you chuck smoking today or right now. Beyond doubt, this book is capable of transforming you into a newer, healthier, happier, and freer person.

Feb 74 - How To Win Your War Against Allergies!

The best way to help a friend or family member who is suffering from allergies is to gift them a copy of the eBook, “How To Win Your War Against Allergies.” This well-organized, 54-page eBook explains allergies in simple language. Its useful pages include a load of tips on how to get rid of any allergy you might be suffering from. This is the best book for those who desire an allergy-free life.

Feb 75 - How To Effectively Control Your Anger

Anger control is a must for success not only at the workplace, but also at home. However, it is not that easy to control anger and relax. The eBook, “How To Effectively Control Your Anger,” can be of great help to you as it offers some highly effective anger management techniques. With the help of these valuable tips, expressed in simple language, you can easily control anger and relax more.

Feb 76 - Understanding and Treating Autism

“Understanding And Treating Autism,” a 41-page eBook, will help you understand autistic people better. The book explains autism in simple terms and offers plenty of tips to help you deal with autism or take care of autistic people. The eBook, completely free of medical jargon, teaches you how to identify autism symptoms and informs you what you must do in order to treat autism effectively.

Feb 77 - How To Win Your War Against Bad Breath

Bad breath causes immense distress; but you can easily get rid of it. All you have to do is read the eBook, “How To Win Your War Against Bad Breath,” to find out how you can bid good-bye to bad breath. In its 58 pages, this eBook presents excellent information on the causes and treatment of bad breath. Often, the food you eat is the culprit. Follow these simple tips and enjoy fresh breath.

Feb 78 - How To Take Great Care Of Elders

Elder care is rewarding, but not devoid of its challenges. Being a caregiver requires patience; however, you can develop most of the skills required to become a caregiver by reading the 80-page eBook, “How To Take Great Care Of Elders.” In a very interesting, readable manner, this book explains exactly how you can take good care of your elders and see that they remain healthy and fit always.

Feb 79 - How To Win Your War Against Depression

Depression has an adverse effect on your career and relationships. The great news is that you can easily beat depression. Find out how by reading the eBook, “How To Win Your War Against Depression.” Various aspects of depression are explained beautifully in this useful book. Besides, the excellent tips offered in each of its 94-pages can surely empower you to say good-bye to depression forever.

Feb 80 - Hearing Aids Inside Out

Have you recently experienced hearing loss? Most probably you need hearing aids, but don’t know much about them. To learn everything you need to know about hearing aids, read the eBook, “Hearing Aids Inside Out.” The book comprises 113 pages of excellent content utterly free of technical jargon, written in simple language, and in a flowing style that can easily be read and understood by all.

Feb 81 - Massage Therapy for Complete Body Relaxation

Massage can relax you completely and make you feel great. Find out more about massage therapy from the eBook, “Massage Therapy For Complete Body Relaxation.” This 70-page book explains each and every aspect of massage therapy in a clear way that anybody can understand. You can use the simple massage tips presented in this book to massage your beloved one and thus enhance your relationship.

Feb 82 - Pilates and Complete Body Fitness

Pilates is a proven and fun method of achieving body fitness. If you have never heard of these excellent exercises, read more about it in the eBook, “Pilates And Complete Body Fitness.” This 42-page eBook assures you that complete body fitness is indeed achievable and teaches you how to be fit with Pilates. After reading this book, you will surely feel inspired to adopt Pilates as a way of life.

Feb 83 - Anti-ageing and Skin-Care Made Easy!

The beauty conscious will be delighted to know that you can keep your skin youthful and glowing at any age. You simply need to know how to use the right beauty products. Discover great anti-ageing and beauty tips in the 68-page eBook, “Anti-ageing And Skin Care Made Easy.” In its beautiful style, this book familiarizes you with a variety of skin care products and how to choose and use them.

Feb 84 - How To Survive Any Natural Calamity!

You cannot always predict the moods of nature, and it is wise to be well prepared for any calamity. But how can you survive natural calamities? The eBook, “How To Survive Any Natural Calamity,” teaches you exactly what you have to do in case a natural calamity strikes. Loaded with simple, practical tips that you can definitely use in case of emergencies, this book is a must for your library.

Feb 85 - How To Win Your War Against Snoring and Sleep Apnea!

Does your spouse complain that you snore loud enough to bring the house down? Snores and those suffering from sleep apnea will find this informative eBook, “How To Win Your War Against Snoring and Sleep Apnea” very useful. The 81 pages of this excellent eBook are full of tips on how to cure snoring and how to effectively manage sleep apnea so that you and your partner can enjoy a restful sleep.

Feb 86 - How To Burn Calories and Stay Fit... Forever!

All overweight people know how important it is to burn calories. But how can you lose weight permanently? The excellent fitness eBook, “How To Burn Calories And Stay Fit … Forever” teaches how to burn calories effectively. This powerful, 70-page eBook is full of effective tips on how you can lose those unwanted pounds, stay fit, and enjoy a great figure with excellent health throughout your life.

Feb 87 - Understanding the Basics of Quilting!

Quilting is a charming hobby, and if you are planning to adopt it, read this eBook on quilting, “Understanding The Basics Of Quilting.” This excellent, 40-page eBook not only teaches its readers the ABCs of quilting, but also offers special tips to better your skills, along with some great patterns that you can use. Quilting beginners will soon discover that this eBook is the best guide for them.

Feb 88 - How To Become A Successful Public Speaker

Do you aspire to become a powerful orator? You can easily achieve success with the help of this excellent public-speaking eBook “How To Become A Successful Public Speaker.” The 62 pages of this powerful book present some highly effective tips for public speakers at various levels of expertise. The book unlocks the secrets of a successful public speaker that you can use to reach your own goals.

Feb 89 - Digital Photography Inside Out!

Photography enthusiasts who do not enjoy much luck with their photographs will be delighted with this little eBook, “Digital Photography Inside Out.” This 59-page eBook brings valuable tips on digital photography. Discover within its pages simple secrets that you never knew. Before long, you will be able to use these excellent tips to take the best photographs you have ever taken in your life.

Feb 90 - Aquarium Care Made Easy!

“Aquarium Care Made Easy” is a great book for those who are planning to get their first aquarium. Its 105 pages tell you in a clear, simple manner exactly what you must do to keep your fish healthy and happy. It makes available to you some really superb tips on aquarium care and maintenance. The book is, beyond doubt, the best guide for beginners on keeping fish and maintaining an aquarium.

Feb 91 – Energy Conservation and Alternative Fuel

Researching energy conservation and alternative fuel is now gaining importance, owing not only to environmental pollution, but also to price hikes. The eBook, “Energy Conservation And Alternative Fuel,” reveals all that you need to know about these subjects, explains various alternative options, and offers tips on making the best use of them. These simple tips sure help you conserve energy.

Feb 92 - Golf Gifts Ideas

Are you wondering what gift you can give to a golfing enthusiast? The 24-page eBook titled “Golf Gift Ideas” is a great resource book for you. Explore its pages for some excellent, unique ideas and tips on giving golf gifts. This beautifully written, well-organized book informs you how you can get high-quality golfing gifts for your golf-loving friends and also save some money in the process.

Feb 93 - How To Set Up Your Own Home Theatre

You can transform your home into an entertainment center! Setting up your own home theatre is easy, and
the eBook, “How To Set Up Your Own Home Theatre,” teaches you how to do this. This 70-page eBook reveals all that you need to know before actually setting up your own home theatre. Use these excellent tips to provide great entertainment right at home and win the admiration of your family.

Feb 94 - How To Boost Your Self-esteem

Low self-esteem can literally kill all your chances of success, which is why you must somehow boost your self-esteem. The 52-page eBook, “How To Boost Your Self-esteem,” can literally transform you into a highly self-confident, bubbling, cheerful, and enthusiastic individual. The book is crammed with excellent self-esteem tips, all aimed at transforming and empowering you to become a go-getter.

Feb 95 - Positive Attitude For Unlimited Success

Have you ever wondered about the secrets of highly successful people? All successful people follow the same formula called “positive attitude.” The 87-page eBook “Positive Attitude For Unlimited Success” reveals and explains this proven formula to you in a clear and concise manner. Besides, the book also teaches you how to use this amazing formula to achieve unlimited success in your own life.

Feb 96 - Gardening Secrets For A Lush Garden!

Have you ever longed for a lush garden? Have you ever wondered about the secrets of successful gardeners who can grow fruits and flowers so easily? As the 78-page eBook “Gardening Secrets For A Lush Garden” will inform you, a green thumb has nothing to do with it. All you have to do is follow the tested and proven gardening tips and techniques as set forth in this amazing gardening eBook.

Feb 97 - Lawn Tennis Explained

To find out what a delightful game lawn tennis is, read the 65-page eBook, “Lawn Tennis Explained.” As its name suggests, the eBook explains the rules of lawn tennis in a very simple and interesting manner. Through this amazing book, you can not only learn how to play this fascinating game, but also to improve your techniques. The book is a must read for all who are interested in lawn tennis.

Feb 98 - Relocation Made Easy!

Relocation is the nightmare for millions of people who must relocate for many reasons. However, the eBook, “Relocation Made Easy,” can convince you that relocation need not be a nerve-shattering experience. With the help of simple tips provided in this 70-page eBook, you can relocate gracefully. Besides, the book offers tips on getting professional help as well as adjusting to the new locality.

Feb 99 - Your Garden - Neighbour's Envy, Owner's Pride!

The eBook, “Your Garden … Neighbour's Envy, Owner’s Pride!” offers a load of excellent gardening facts, tips, and techniques that you never knew. It reveals all the secrets of successful gardeners. The wonderful tips presented in this 57-page eBook can surely help you create a charming garden of your own and grow the best of fruits, vegetables, and flowers that turn your neighbours green with envy.

Feb 100 - Understanding and Enjoying Golf

The eBook “Understanding And Enjoying Golf” is the best book for those who are frustrated with their poor performance at the golf course. This amazing 63-page eBook will teach you how to improve your golfing techniques. The most intricate details of this popular game golf are explained in a way that can completely transform your understanding of the game and make a better golfer out of you.

Feb 101 - Online Stock Trading Made Easy!

You can lose a lot of money with online stock trading is you don’t exercise care and caution. However, the 81-page eBook, “Online Stock Trading Made Easy” explains stock trading online so well that you will feel empowered to trade online. With the help of the effective trading tips that this book presents, you cannot possibly make a mistake; instead, you will soon find yourself making a fortune.

Feb 102 - How To Win Your War Against Back Pain!

Knowing the causes of back pain is winning half the battle against it. The 127-page eBook, “How To Win Your War Against Back Pain,” explains the various causes of back pain in a simple manner and teaches you the various treatment options available. The book is a great pain reliever in itself. The sensible, practical tips that it presents will surely help you bid good-bye to back pain forever.

Feb 103 - How To Have An Unforgettable Camping Vacation!

Poorly arranged camping vacations can easily go sour. The eBook “How To Have An Unforgettable Camping Vacation” teaches you how to avoid major blunders. The book’s 84 pages present a variety of camping tips related to camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags, shoes, camp cooking, surviving in the outdoors, and all other information you need to effectively arrange and enjoy your camping trip.

Feb 104 - Career Planning Made Easy!

Career planning is the ultimate concept that ensures a successful career. To learn more about planning your career, read the 71-page eBook “Career Planning Made Easy” and find out all that you need to know about career planning programs and organizations. The wide array of useful tips presented in this eBook will surely help you secure a golden career for yourself by planning it well in advance.

Feb 105 - Cooking Mastery!

Everybody with the slightest interest in cooking and eating will be delighted with the eBook, “Cooking Mastery.” It comprises 84 delightful pages, loaded with excellent culinary tips guaranteed to make you a master cook in no time. It teaches you to enjoy cooking and reveals dozens of other cooking facts, such as the wonders of cuisines around the world and the benefits of joining cooking schools.

Feb 106 - Fishing Mastery!

Fishing Mastery,” a 116-page eBook on fishing, is a must read for fishers. It contains all that you must know about fishing, such as tips on obtaining your fishing license, various fishing laws, exciting fishing hot stops around the world, and fishing techniques used by expert fishers. Its countless fishing tips can surely help you get the most out of your hobby and become an expert fisher.

Feb 107 - Hunting Mastery!

Hunting Mastery,” a 123-page eBook, is written especially for hunters who would like to know more about their fascinating hobby. The book present valuable tips on how to hunt game such as bear, elk, deer, geese, turkey, and so on. Exciting hunting secrets related to delightful hunting resorts, hunting techniques, and many more are revealed in this amazing book, a must read for all hunters.

Feb 108 - Understanding Pregnancy!

Pregnant women as well as those who are trying for a baby will be delighted with the contents of this interesting, 77-page eBook, “Understanding Pregnancy.” As its title suggests, the book is a very successful attempt to tell you everything you want to know about pregnancy. The greatest advantage of this book is that it is well organized and simply written, with no medical jargon to confuse you.

Feb 109 - Self Improvement Made Easy!

The scope for self-improvement is unlimited, which is what makes it such an exciting concept. As its title suggests, the eBook, “Self Improvement Made Easy,” presents the various concepts of self-improvement in an easily digestible format. Use the amazing self-improvement tips in the 81 pages of this book to learn more about self-improvement for success in your personal and professional life.

Feb 110 - Taxes Made Easy!

Taxes need not ever make you feel nervous. The 84-page eBook, “Taxes Made Easy,” explains in clear, simple terms all that you need to know about tax filing. Learn a variety of tax-related facts that you need to know, such as filing taxes online, a variety of tax laws in different states, tax filing professionals, saving on taxes, and so on and so forth. This book makes tax issues appear simple.

Feb 111 - How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders!

The 76-page eBook, “How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders,” is a must read not only for people suffering from anxiety disorders, but also for those who know such people. It provides simple explanations about the symptoms and treatment of anxiety disorder, various therapies, and the different types of medication available. Also, there are tips on caring for sufferers of anxiety disorders.

Feb 112 - How to Keep Your PC Safe From Virus and Data Loss!

The health of your PC is just as important as your own. A malicious viral attack could mean loss of precious data. How do you keep your PC safe and healthy? The eBook, “How To Keep Your PC Safe From Virus And Data Loss,” comprises 88 pages of excellent tips on PC health. Learn how to identify various threats to your PC and to eliminate these threats in order to keep your valuable data safe.

Feb 113 - Greenhouse Maintenance

Have you ever longed to have a greenhouse, but could not because you did not know much about it? The eBook, “Greenhouse Maintenance,” simplifies the task of greenhouse maintenance. The tips that this 94-page eBook presents not only inform you about the various types of greenhouses, but also about greenhouse equipment. In addition, it offers valuable tips on growing amazing greenhouse plants.

Feb 114 - ATV Made Easy!

The eBook, “ATV Made Easy,” with its 71 pages of amazing tips on ATV use, is a must read for all ATV users. The book deals with a variety of ATV related facts, including ATV helmets and how to procure the best of them, safety issues, various exciting models, and so on and so forth. Moreover, it is written in a fascinating style, is well-organized and simple, and can be understood even by a child.

Feb 115 - How To Win Your War Against Bronchitis

Bronchitis can become life-threatening; but it all depends on how you treat this common respiratory disorder. Too often, it is mistaken to be common cold and neglected. The 100-page eBook, “How To Win Your War Against Bronchitis,” explains the causes of bronchitis, teaches you how to identify its symptoms, and also presents a number of tips that will help you successfully treat this disorder.

Feb 116 - Understanding Diabetes and Glycemic Index

Diabetes is closely related to your Glycemic Index, and in this book, “Understanding Diabetes and Glycemic Index,” you will learn more about the relationship between the two. This 75-page eBook is an amazing source book on diabetes, which every diabetic would like to possess. It teaches you how to keep this energy-sapping disorder under control by simply checking your blood glucose level.

Feb 117 - Home Automation Inside Out!

Home automation is a must for people who are too busy to bother about simple routines. However, home automation is a deep subject, and the 74-page eBook, “Home Automation Inside Out,” can definitely enhance you understanding of it. The book explains home automation in a simple manner and presents loads of tips that can definitely help you to successfully automate your home and enhance security.

Feb 118 - How To Win Your War Against Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowl Sydrome (IBS) is a stress-related disorder than can affect not only human beings, but also pets. How do you manage this annoying disorder? The 93-page eBook, “How To Win Your War Against Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” is loaded with IBS facts and tips on how to get it rid of IBS for good. In addition, the book explains the causes, symptoms, and treatment of IBS in a very simple manner.

Feb 119 - Snowboarding Fun!

Snowboarding is, beyond doubt, a fun-filled sport, and very outdoor enthusiast will enjoy reading this amazing 38-page eBook, “Snowboarding Fun.” This delightful eBook presents all the interesting facts about snowboarding, along with wonderful tips on various snowboarding hot spots, equipment, gear, and snowboarding techniques, which makes it a must read for snowboarding experts and beginners.

Feb 120 - How To Train Yourself For Soccer

Have you ever envied successful soccer stars and longed to develop their skills and techniques? The 48-page eBook, “How To Train Yourself For Soccer,” assures you that you can become a soccer star if you wish. All you need to do is to train yourself well and develop the right skills and techniques. This excellent eBook, loaded with amazing soccer tips, will tell you how you can get well trained.

Feb 121 - How To Take Great Care Of Your Pet Iguana!

Iguanas make great pets; however, they are not like other types of pets, such as cats or dogs. Iguanas need special care, and the eBook, “How To Take Great Care of Your Pet Iguana,” teaches you everything you need to know about iguanas, such as their nature, habitat, food habits, appearances, housing needs, and so on. This 100-page eBook can certainly qualify you to take care of your iguana well.

Feb 122 - Scrap booking Made Easy!

Scrap booking is not only a sentiment-preserving activity, but also a great hobby and a profitable business. If you want to know more about it, explore the 73-page eBook, “Scrapbooking Made Easy.” It reveals scrap booking secrets that you never knew existed, in addition to amazing tips on scrapbook ideas, themes, and accessories - everything you need in order to create a fascinating scrapbook.

Feb 123 - GPS Made Easy!

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology can be confusing. However, the eBook, “GPS Made Easy,” makes it simple. Using few technical words, it explains everything you wanted to know about GPS and its various uses, such as calculating positions and many more. The 109 pages of this eBook are the best sources of knowing how this amazing technology is integrated in phones, cars, and watches.

Feb 124 - Identity Theft - Don't Be The Next Victim!

Everybody needs to enhance his or her awareness of identity theft, a sophisticated crime of the Internet age. How can you safeguard your precious identity? The eBook, “Identity Theft – Don’t Be The Next Victim,” presents a number of tips that can prevent you from losing a lot of money. From this 136-page eBook, you can learn how to protect your personal data from possible identity thieves.

Feb 125 - Online Education Made Easy

Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the concept of online education, you can easily get educated online. To find out more about it, read the eBook, “Online Education Made Easy.” This useful eBook presents 64 pages of tips on how to get an education online easily, the various options available, and how you can avail of these excellent opportunities to get the finest possible education online.

Feb 126 - Wines and Spirits Inside Out!

The eBook, “Wines And Spirits Inside Out,” brings you amazing little-known tips related to the wine and spirit world. Moreover, it offers mouth-watering recipes for a variety of wines and spirits, which you can easily use to make your favourite wines at home. Explore its 64 pages to learn amazing tips on popularising older, outdated brands or just to enhance your knowledge of your favourite spirit.

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Cover for 'Australian Cattle Dog, Training and Care'

Australian Cattle Dog, Training & Care by Ken Dunn

The Australian Cattle Dog Lovers Guide

"Red" & "Blue Heelers"

A herding, stock and working dog.

Price: $8.99 U.S.D.

Cover for 'The 'Boxer' Training and Care' The 'Boxer' Training & Care by Ken Dunn


The Boxer Lovers Guide

Secrets that will Guarantee that Your Boxer is given the 
best upbringing currently available by using these 'Foolproof Methods'

Price: $7.99 U.S.D.

Cover for 'The Poodle, The Poodle Lovers Guide, Training and Care' The Poodle Lovers Guide - Training/Care by Ken Dunn

The Poodle Lovers Guide


Discover Secrets that Guarantee that Your Poodle is given the best upbringing ...
currently available by using these 'Foolproof Methods'

Price: $8.75 U.S.D.

Cover for 'The Mastiff, Owning and Training an English Mastiff' The Mastiff - Owning & Training an English Mastiff by Ken Dunn

The 'English Mastiff' Lovers Guide! 

Mastiffs are good natured, calm, easy going, and surprisingly gentle for their size. 
They are a very sensitive breed, and as such harsh training methods and discipline are not recommended. 
It is a well-mannered house pet, requiring minimal daily exercise and activity. 
The Mastiff is typically an extremely loyal breed, exceptionally devoted to its family.

Price: $7.99 U.S.D.

Cover for 'Labrador Retriever Training and Care' Labrador Retriever Training - Care by Ken Dunn

* What is the difference between a Labrador Retriever and a Retriever? 
* Labrador Retrievers don't shed, do they? 
* How much grooming do they need? 
* Are den Labrador Retrievers hyper? 
* What is "butt-tucking"? 
* Labrador Retrievers are popular, aren't they? 
* Do they make good guard dogs? 
* How are they with children? 
* Do Labrador Retrievers like to swim? 
* What is the difference between Labrador and Yellow Labrador

Price: $8.75 U.S.D.

Cover for 'Kelpie, Australian Sheep Dog Tips and Training Techniques' Kelpie - Australian Sheep Dog Tips & Training Techniques by Ken Dunn

* The Kelpie is an Australian sheep dog successful at mustering & droving with little or no command guidance.
* They are medium-sized dogs and come in a variety of colours.
* Kelpies have been exported throughout the world: used to muster livestock, primarily sheep, cattle & goats.

* The breed has been separated into (two) distinct varieties: 
(A) the show or bench Kelpie, and the ...
(B) working Kelp

Price: $8.65 U.S.D.

Cover for 'Doberman Pinscher Training and Care' Doberman Pinscher Training & Care by Ken Dunn

What sort of a Temperament do they have? 
How much grooming do they need? 
Are Doberman Pinschers Hyper? 
What is Butt-Tucking? 
Do they make good guard dogs?
How are they with children? 
Do Doberman Pinschers like to swim? 
Do they bark a lot? Does a male or female Doberman Pinscher make a better pet?

Price: $8.77 U.S.D.

Cover for 'Your Guide To Owning and Training a Border Collie' Your Guide To Owning & Training a Border Collie by Ken Dunn

Your Guide to Owning & Training a Border Collie! 

The Border Collie Lovers Guide

Discover the Secrets that will Guarantee that Your Border Collie is ...
given the best upbringing currently available by using these 'Foolproof Methods'

Price: $8.75 U.S.D.


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